Sapphire Pharma is an advanced Pharmacy Management Solution (PMS) that significantly increases any hospital’s efficiency and service levels through automation and intelligent software that can be integrated with an existing or future Hospital Management System (HMS), improving medication management across the whole hospital.


  • Increases traceability and oversight of medication stocks across hospital supply chain
  • Automates medication distribution across the hospital
  • Reduce human dependency
  • Transcribes all prescriptions into electronic copies
  • Optimizes time consumed for every staff member
  • Integrates with medication dispensing machines
real-time stock control
to train a new pharmacist
to validate an ePrescription

The Context

Hospital pharmacies are a key part of hospital medical care services. An organized, efficient, and well-managed pharmacy is crucial to the proper operation of a hospital and to provide a quality experience to the patient.

Sapphire Pharma focuses on the daily activities of pharmacists and nurses, which are in direct contact with the pharmacy and the medication cycle. Sapphire Pharma helps provide the best care to patients by streamlining all the processes associated with hospital medication workflow.

The Challenge

Despite current initiatives and the implementation of some software in certain hospitals, the majority of the medication processes are still supported by traditional paper, while exchanges and official documents are maintained as hard copies. This introduces a lot of entropy in the process, increasing required effort and human error.

Machine Automation

Sapphire Pharma introduces several medication dispensing machines.

With the purpose of optimizing medication handling and dispensing, whether at the pharmacies or by nurses, Sapphire Pharma integrates with several medication dispensing machines used for different scenarios, such as Vanas Dispenser and E-Lock, Capsa (Mobile Computing Med Carts), Medicomaat, Kerby Lester, KLS Robot, Apoteca, and any machine that supports integration.

Stock Management

With this integrated solution, Sapphire Pharma controls stock across the full medication cycle through:

  • Pharmacy and Ward Stock Management
  • Stock refill automation
  • Ward controlled dispensing
  • Ward patient overview

Electronic Prescriptions

Sapphire Pharma provides paper-free electronic prescriptions for OutPatients and InPatients, and includes:

  • Internationally recognized medication database categorized by Active Principles and Trade Names, Concentration, Unit, Form Types, Route Types, Package Presentation and Quantity.
  • Management of OutPatient’s prescriptions lifecycle, including creation, validation, preparation, labeling and dispensing, as well as recurrent prescriptions fulfillment.
  • Management of InPatient’s prescriptions covering all types of medications and treatment plans.


Sapphire Pharma is a tailored solution providing readilyavailable critically-relevant information depending on each user. There are several reports available, such as:

  • Daily Dispensed Medication
  • Dispensed and Received Medication
  • Stock Movements History
  • Hospital Stock Flows

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