Sapphire Clinician is an innovative and optimized solution for clinical use that dramatically increases any hospital’s efficiency and service levels through automation and intelligent software that can be integrated with the hospital’s existing or future Clinical Information Systems as well as any ancillary systems for Pharmacy, Laboratory and Radiology.


  • Optimizes the communication flows between hospital departments, and physicians and nurses
  • Reduce human dependency
  • Improves patient outcome and reduce medical errors
  • Enable paper-free hospitals
  • Allows immediate access to patient medical history, and critical data and images
  • Minimizes the number of cancellations and delays
to create a new prescription
to register an appointment
to discharge a patient

The Context

Currently, patient clinical information exists primarily on paper or on rigid arcane systems that physicians and nurses struggle with in order to keep updated. When using paper based processes, clinical staff face some major challenges, especially in terms of accessibility, illegibility and lack of data quality.

On the other end, typical EMR’s present other kinds of issues such as rigid workflows, mismatches from real processes, and a lack of user-friendliness, shifting the focus of the user on the system rather than the patient.

The Challenge

The majority of patient medical files are still paper based, causing inefficiencies and a loss of information, leading to strenuous efforts from the staff to maintain and manage those files. Sapphire Clinician makes it convenient and easy for healthcare practitioners to preserve patient medical records.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Sapphire’s EMR, is not only an electronic version of a patient’s traditional medical records, but it also gives you the ability to access all past events from a patient and update clinical data with new information, giving you a more comprehensive view of your patient. Key features include:

Sapphire Clinician provides its users with Computerized Physician Order Entries (CPOE) which are fully integrated with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and Pharmacy Management Systems (PMS), allowing the physician to conduct and order all types of investigations and medicines promptly. This allows the physician to immediately view the results of said investigations and be notified of any low medication stock levels in the hospital.

The concept of user-customized Order Sets, Templates, and Favorites for Investigations and Prescriptions are also available in the system, further streamlining physicians’ interaction with the system.

Reports & Dashboards

Extensive set of reports and dashboards with the most relevant KPIs

With Sapphire Clinician, all clinical data registered in the system is then available through an extensive set of reports and configurable dashboards, highlighting the most relevant KPIs to provide critical information for physicians, nurses, and hospital management.

Treatment Plan

Sapphire Clinician allows the physician to define prescription and treatment plans for patients in a efficient and intuitive way. By doing so, nurses are able to consult the treatment plans and register all administrative events, along with all relevant information about the patient.

This information is readily available for the physician, granting her/him the ability to follow up on patients’ progress remotely without having to physically go to the ward or interact with any staff.

Sapphire Clinician improves the communication between the various healthcare stakeholders, all while putting the focus on the patient and ensuring a patient-centric enduser experience.

Taking advantage of the integration with international certified databases, Sapphire Clinician features dosage verification and drug-to-drug interaction information, alerting doctors while prescribing medication to patients. Additionally, this integration allows physicians to consult drug monographs, minimizing potential medical errors.

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