Sapphire Hospital provides you with out of the box functionality to have a unified patient view and manage processes regarding OutPatients, InPatients and Emergency. Sapphire Hospital guarantees your data quality throughout the user experience, from patient registration to patient discharge. All patient-relevant data will be consistently accurate, giving you visibility of overall institutional performance and real-time KPIs.


  • Shorter waiting times
  • Unified patient view
  • Ability to track and optimize hospital activities
  • Real time predictability of OutPatients, InPatients & Emergency
  • Improved communication with patient
  • Full integration with remaining hospital systems through the Sapphire Integration Engine
to admit a new patient
to register a new patient
to train a new user

The Context

Today, the majority of public hospitals still depend on manual patient registration and paper-based processes. There is a lack of accuracy in patient information and a duplication and loss of some medical files. Sapphire Hospital solves this issue by collecting the best possible information about the patient, validating it against official data sources, keeping track of all medical files and alerting hospital staff of any suspicious circumstances.

Usability and user-friendliness is another key point, making it very practical and intuitive for users to interact with the system, increasing productivity and motivation.

The Challenge

Being able to gather and maintain accurate information about patients is a big challenge every hospital faces today. Besides the issues facing data quality, there is also a productivity issue, as people are used to manual procedures and do not feel comfortable switching from paper-based processes. Sapphire looks to leverage its usability, adaptability, and overall user-friendliness to break the cultural threshold of paper and gain a 100% adoption rate, boosting overall productivity and efficiency in hospitals.

Patient Administration System

The Patient Administration System (PAS) manages patient demographics data, making it fast and simple to register new patients and continuously keep patient data up-to-date while actively preventing duplication of information. The PAS’s key features include to:

  • Obtain patient data from countrywide citizen database (e.g. PACI in Kuwait)
  • Search patients through a wide array of criteria
  • Handle VIP patients with restricted data access


Sapphire Hospital simplifies the admission and discharge of patients as it optimizes room and bed assignment. Sapphire Hospital’s InPatients key features include:

  • Patient admission for hospitalization, surgery and day case visit, managing criminal investigation cases
  • Patient discharge
  • Room and bed selection on hospitalization
  • Waiting lists for room and bed reservations


Sapphire Hospital fully automates the admission and discharge of patients and actively suggests optimized schedules for appointments, procedures and surgeries based on the availability of doctors and clinics. Sapphire Hospital’s OutPatients key features include:

  • Scheduling of appointments, follow up and special procedures
  • Scheduling history
  • Handling of doctors and clinics unavailability
  • Bulk cancellation and rescheduling of appointments

Medical File Archive

With the fully comprehensive and integrated Medical File Archive, patient’s medical files can be located,tracked, and managed simply and efficiently. Key features include:

  • Medical file assigning and requesting
  • Medical file check-in and check-out from a location
  • Real Time Medical file tracking and history


The full power of Sapphire Hospital also helps to streamline your emergency service and speed up admissions, discharges and management of patients, even un-identified patients:

  • Patient admission for an emergency with or without criminal investigation
  • Unidentified patient admission for an emergency and bracelet slip print
  • Hospitalize patient from an emergency

Accounting & Invoicing

Handling invoices and accounting for all your patients is simplified with Sapphire Hospital, and also you can integrate it with your accounting solution:

  • Management of price lists for citizens, residents, visitors and exempted persons
  • Management and issuing of invoices, correct invoices and refund operations

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