Sapphire Care is a mobile app designed to be comfortable, easy to use, and secure, allowing each patient to manage appointments, interact with healthcare providers, simplify prescriptions renewal and maintain their Personal Health Record (PHR) at all times. Sapphire Care also provides a smart communication platform to notify and engage with your patients right on their smartphone.


  • Simplifies scheduling and prescription renewal and fulfillment
  • Reduce hospital workload
  • Enable smart communication
  • Enable paper-free hospitals
  • Shorter waiting times
  • Increases accessibility to healthcare
to update personal data
to book an appointment
to find the right doctor

The Context

Being a patient is not easy, there is few information available about the health care providers, their available specialties, services, and physicians. Each time a patient needs to schedule an appointment he/she needs to go to the healthcare provider, wait for his/her turn, check for availability and then return for his/her appointment.

For the healthcare provider, the flow of patients is also becoming a major challenge as there is not enough capacity to serve them with the desired quality and attention.

The Challenge

Bringing the most advanced features and capabilities in terms of mobile healthcare is the primary goal of Sapphire Care. Sapphire Care is a pioneer mobile solution in this context, empowering patients and providing them with the mobile service they deserve to answer their questions and alleviate their concerns.

Services Directory

Easy to find the right hospital, speciality and physician, anytime, anywhere.

With Sapphire Care it is simple for a patient to find the right hospital, speciality, and physician as it provides you with a directory filled with all necessary information, available 24/7 right on your mobile phone, even taking into consideration your current location.

Scheduling & Agenda

Access all health care providers, check the availability of the desired specialty and/or physician and immediately book an appointment online.

With Sapphire Care, the patient can access all health care providers, check availability of the desired specialty and physician and immediately book an appointment online. Within a few seconds the appointment is booked and the patient only needs to report to the hospital at the scheduled time, increasing the quality of experience for the patient, while saving hospital resources and boosting overall efficiency.

Personal Health Record (PHR)

Possibility of maintaining your Patient Personal Health Record (PHR).

Patient Personal Health Record (PHR) is also available through Sapphire Care. Patients have access to their health records. However, due to the sensitivity of clinical information, Sapphire Care allows the hospital and physician to decide which type of information to be available for the patient.

Treatment Plans

Provides the patient with his treatment plan, and helps him to remind the prescribed hours and dosages of each medicine.

Sapphire Care provides the patient with his/her treatment plan, and through push notifications reminds him/her of the prescribed hours and doses of each medicine. Due to Sapphire Care’s full integration with other Sapphire modules, physicians are able to keep track of their patients’ treatment plans and update them promptly with no delay, without having the need of seeing the patient at his clinic.

Smart Communications

Useful information at the right time is a capability that Sapphire Care offers and optimizes!

By adopting Sapphire Care, the hospital or healthcare institution will be enabling a two-way communication stream with its patients, giving them the ability to reach particular segments of the population based on intelligent criteria and demographics to direct personalized messages for each of those patient segments, enabling patient education. Smart Communications can be used in alerting nationwide epidemics or emergencies, or even offering advice on particular health campaigns and initiatives.

Statistics & Dashboards

Extensive set of reports and dashboards with the most relevant KPIs.

All data registered in Sapphire Care is available in an extensive set of reports and dashboards highlighting the most relevant KPIs, providing critical information to hospital management.

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