Sapphire Emergency is a state-of-the-art, efficient, and adaptable solution which optimizes patient flow across your Emergency Department by implementing your preferred triage protocol and adapting to its current displacement. Patient acuity levels are constantly monitored and managed, assuring that priority levels are accurately aligned with the severity of every situation.


  • Improve patient experience in stressful conditions
  • Optimize patient flow and communication between emergency areas
  • Reduce human dependency
  • Enable paper-free environment
  • Immediate access to patient medical history, data and images
  • Provide permanent visibility over Emergency department performance and bottlenecks, allowing immediate corrective actions
to identify a patient
to triage a patient
to discharge a patient

The Context

Emergency departments operate in stressful conditions.

When using paper-based processes flows are managed manually, heavily depending on human intervention. Due to insufficient visibility over process status, compliance with international service levels is very difficult. An overall lack of proper access to patient clinical history is also a challenge as patient files are not available in due time, complicating treatment.

EMR solutions tried to solve this with complex and time consuming processes, taking too long and diverting the attention of the clinical staff to the system, instead of the patient.

The Challenge

Demand in emergency departments is high, yet unpredictable. Providing adequate response time and patient care according to the acuity level of the patient is paramount.

Sapphire Emergency adapts to the protocols and physical displacement of each emergency department, automating patient flow and providing real-time information about the status of each emergency location, allowing hospital managers to instantly redirect resources to the place where they are needed the most.

Multiple triage protocols

Sapphire implements some of the most common triage protocols (Manchester, CTAS, ESI). Moreover, custom protocol implementation is easy through plugin based design, providing additional flexibility.

Configurable emergency locations

Ability to dynamically configure new locations and adapt the patient flow according to the evolution and fluctuation of demand of your emergency department.

Fully integrated with EMR

Sapphire Emergency provides a seamless integration with Sapphire Clinician, allowing physicians and nurses to work in their usual environment, in tune with the specific needs of the emergency department.

The available features are rendered according to the location of the user (Triage rooms, Examination rooms, Observation rooms, etc.) to assure proper context and enable locationrelevant critical activities associated with that location.

Patient Medical Record is available and remains updated with all activities performed during the emergency visit.

Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) is available and fully integrated with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and Pharmacy Management Systems (PMS), allowing the physician to conduct and order all types of investigations and medicines promptly. This allows the physician to immediately view the results of said investigations and be notified of any low medication stock levels in the hospital.

The transfer of the patient to other hospital services is also managed by the system, assuring all relevant information is presented to the medical staff receiving the patient.

Integrated patient management and administrative processes

Sapphire Emergency is fully integrated with Sapphire HMS, leveraging the patient database and the ease of registration. All the administrative and financial processes associated with emergency visits are handled within Sapphire HMS, enabling a centralized patient management platform.

Reports & Dashboard

All data associated with the emergency is available through an extensive set of reports and configurable dashboards highlighting the most relevant KPIs, enabling emergency managers to constantly monitor the flow and performance of each area and redirect resources to the areas where they are most needed.

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